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Green licorice oil

30 grams

black adder leaves

150 grams

neutral oil (I use neutral oil)

I use the leaves from a black adder plant. They have a delicious anise flavor and the flowers are also very delicious and beautiful. I have lots in my garden, but you can also buy the leaves at specialized grocery stores. If you can’t find them you can also make the recipe with tarragon leaves. For that transfer the leaves into a blender and also add the neutral oil. Then blend it till the temperature of the oil is 65 degrees Celsius. It will heat up from the friction. After that pass it through a fine sieve that’s lined with a kitchen paper to clarify it. Do this in your fridge so the oil doesn’t turn brown. You can keep it in your fridge for a couple of days or in your freezer for a couple of weeks.


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