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Fine dining gnocchi dish!

Today we’re going to make one of the dishes I made for my 100.000 subscriber giveaway diner! More about that diner in a future video, but I wanted to give a little preview of one of the dishes! We’re going to make beautiful gnocchis with a chantarelle cream, poivroide artichokes, a green licorice oil and a delicious onions broth!

The onion broth



3 grams




250 grams


2 liters



black pepper grains


coriander seeds

3 sprigs


Xanthan gum & sherry vinegar

Cut the onions in half and clean them. Now chop 4 of the onions. Then add a drizzle of oil to a hot pan and caramelize the onions on a low heat with the salt. Now cut the remaining 2 onions in 6 and toast them with a blowtorch to give them a nice smokey flavor. You can also do this on a barbeque. Stir the onions every now and then. Then cut the top and bottom of a celeriac and trim the sides. Now cut half of the celeriac in slices and then in cubes. Once the onions are caramelized deglaze the pan with the Madeira and then transfer it into a big pot. Also add the celeriac cubes, the toasted onions, the water, the black pepper grains, the coriander seeds and the thyme. Then turn on the heat and let the broth simmer for 6 hours. After that pass the broth through a fine sieve and let it drain for at least 30 minutes so you don’t waste a single drop. Once that’s done reduce the liquid till you are happy with the flavor. Meanwhile scoop off any oil of foam that’s floating on top. When you’re happy with the flavor pass the broth through a sieve that’s lined with a kitchen paper to clarify it. Then add a knife tip of xanthan gum and mix it well to bind the broth. Once you’re happy with the thickness you can season it with salt and sherry vinegar. The sherry vinegar will balance out the richness of the caramelized onions.

The chanterelles

First we’re going to wash them. Fill your sink or a big pan with lukewarm water and add a generous amount of salt. Then submerge the chanterelles and wash them well to remove any dirt, sand or bugs. After leave them for 5 minutes so any dirty bits can sink to the bottom. Then use a lettuce dryer to dry the chanterelles. Once you have dried them well transfer them on a tray that’s lined with a kitchen paper. Now we need to sort them. Keep the nice and small ones for pan frying and the bigger and damaged ones for the cream. The ones for pan frying you need to clean once more. For that scrape the stem clean with a small knife and trim the bottom. Now portion the chanterelles to the desired size and keep them on a tray that’s lined with a kitchen paper for later.

The chanterelle cream



300 grams

the washed bigger or damaged chanterelles

4 grams


200 grams

vegetable broth

15 grams

sherry vinegar

200 grams


Xanthan gum

First cut the shallots in half and clean them. Now chop them. Then add a drizzle of oil to a hot pan and glaze the shallots. Once they start to color add the cleaned chanterelles and pan fry them till golden brown with the salt. When they have a nice color deglaze the pan with the vegetable broth and also add the sherry vinegar and the cream. Reduce it till almost all the liquid has vaporized. Then transfer it into a blender and blend it till smooth. This is going to take a couple of minutes. Once smooth add a knife tip of xanthan gum and blend it for another minute to prevent the cream from leaking any liquid once plated. Then transfer it into a piping bottle and keep it in your fridge for later.

The green licorice oil

30 grams

black adder leaves

150 grams

neutral oil (I use sunflower oil)

I use the leaves from a black adder plant. They have a delicious anise flavor and the flowers are also very delicious and beautiful. I have lots in my garden, but you can also buy the leaves at specialized grocery stores. If you can’t find them you can also make the recipe with tarragon leaves. For that transfer the leaves into a blender and also add the neutral oil. Then blend it till the temperature of the oil is 65 degrees Celsius. It will heat up from the friction. After that pass it through a fine sieve that’s lined with a kitchen paper to clarify it. Do this in your fridge so the oil doesn’t turn brown. You can keep it in your fridge for a couple of days or in your freezer for a couple of weeks.

The poivrade artichokes

Start by trimming the small leaves from the stems and transfer them into a big pot. Now submerge them completely with cold water. For every liter of water you need to add 10 grams of salt. I used 3 liters of water, so 30 grams of salt. Then put a plate on top to keep the artichokes submerged and bring the water to a boil on a medium heat. Once it boiling let it boil for 2 minutes and then turn off the heat. After that let it cool down out of the fridge. Then take them out of the water and let them cool down in your fridge. Now remove all the leaves. You can keep them as a little snack, but I don’t use them in this video. Then use a small knife to trim the artichokes. Start with the stem and then work down to the bottom. After that use the Parisian tool to remove the inside. Now portion them to the desired size. The small ones I cut in half and the bigger ones in 4. Then use a brush to cover them with a thin layer of neutral oil to prevent them from turning brown. Keep them in your fridge for later.

The gnocchi

1 kg

floury potato

Coarse salt

35 grams

parmesan cheese


egg yolks

100 grams


Cover a small tray with some coarse salt and place the floury potatoes on top. Then bake them at 190 degrees Celsius for 1 hour. Once they are cooked take them out of the oven and let them cool down for 5 minutes. Now cut them in half and use a spoon to separate the cooked potato from the skin. Then press the potato through a fine sieve. Once you have done that weigh 500 grams of the potato and then also grate the parmesan cheese in the bowl. Also add the egg yolks and the flour and knead it till it’s a nice and firm dough. Then dust some flour on your worktop and roll out the dough into thin strings. They need to be around 1.5 to 2 centimeters thick. Now portion them to the desired size and then roll them on a gnocchi board to give them that signature gnocchi look. Do this with all the gnocchi’s and the place them on a tray that’s dusted with some flour. Then season some boiling water with salt and blanch the gnocchi’s till they start to float. When they are floating it means they’re cooked. Then transfer them on an oiled tray and cool them down in your fridge. After that roll out the remaining dough and portion it. Then also roll them on a gnocchi board and blanch them. Now once cold keep them in your fridge for later.

How to finish the dish

First I heat up the cream by covering the bottle with a piece of plastic wrap and then I heat it up in my plate warmer. You can also do this in a sous-vide. Meanwhile take out all your prep to keep it organized. For decoration I have nasturtium leaves and black adder flowers. Then add a drizzle of oil to a hot pan and pan fry the gnocchi’s till they start to color. When that happens also add the chantarelle mushrooms, the artichokes and a couple cubes of butter. Now pan fry till golden brown. After that add some black pepper and salt for seasoning and then let it drain on some kitchen paper. Then place 7 gnocchi’s in the center of a plate and put the chantarelle and artichokes in between. Pipe a couple dots of the hot cream on top and then decorate it with the nastirium leaves and the black adder flowers. Now finish it off with the black adder oil and then serve it with the delicious caramelized onion broth!


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