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Wild garlic and cod sauce



4 grams


200 grams

cod trimmings

100 grams

white wine

900 grams

vegetable broth

500 grams


3 sprigs


2 grams

black pepper grains

2 grams

coriander seeds

2 grams

fennel seeds

40 grams

wild garlic leaves

First cut the shallots in half and clean them. Now slice them in thin slices. Then drizzle some oil in a pan and glaze the shallots with the salt. Once they have softened add the cod trimmings and pan fry them for a couple of minutes. After that deglaze the pan with the white wine and also add the vegetable broth, the cream and the thyme. Then mix the black pepper grains with the coriander seeds and the fennel seeds in a tea sieve. Now I always hang it on a little magnet on the outside of the pan. Then let the sauce reduce for around a third. Once it has reduced remove the spices and the thyme. Then add the wild garlic leaves and blend it till smooth. Do this with a hand blender or in a blender, but make sure it’s a 100% smooth. Now pass the sauce through a fine sieve and use a ladle to make this a bit easier. Then give it a taste for seasoning. I added a splash of rice vinegar to balance some of the fattiness in the sauce, but this is purely personal. I serve the sauce with some wild garlic oil and give it a gentle mix before serving it


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