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Verbena & basil sorbet


apples (450 grams of juice)

30 grams

lemon juice

90 grams


60 grams

glucose syrup

20 grams

basil leaves

15 grams

verbena leaves

2 grams

ice cream stabilizer (I use stab2000)

Remove the core from the apples and juice them for 450 grams of apple juice. You can also use store bought apple juice, but I still had a couple in the fridge and really had to use them. Now also add the lemon juice, the sugar, the glucose syrup, the basil leaves and the verbena leaves. Blend this till smooth. The leaves color should be any even green color, otherwise your blender isn’t strong enough or you didn’t blend it long enough. Then add the ice cream stabilizer and blend it for another 30 seconds. Once smooth pass it through a fine sieve and let it rest overnight in your fridge. The next day you can pour it into an ice cream machine and turn it into a beautiful sorbet! It’s best to serve the sorbet as soon as possible, but otherwise keep it covered in a freezer that’s around -12 degrees Celsius.


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