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Two colored meringue

50 grams


80 grams


80 grams

egg white

60 grams


Yellow coloring powder

First mix the water with the 80 grams of sugar and heat this up till it’s 118 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile pour the egg white into a mixing bowl and start beating it. Once a white foam starts to form slowly add the 60 grams of sugar to stabilize the egg white. Then when the syrup is 118 degrees Celsius add it to the meringue and beat it for a couple of minutes to cool it down till it’s at room temperature. Now transfer half of the meringue into a bowl and add a touch of yellow coloring powder to color the meringue. Then pipe the remaining meringue in thick lines on a piece of foil and pipe the yellow meringue in between. Now gently roll this up and then transfer it into a piping bag that’s fitted with a round nozzle. Then pipe small dots on a tray that’s lined with a silicon sheet or some parchment paper. Now let them dry at 60 degrees Celsius for a couple of hours till completely crispy and hard.


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