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Tomato & star anise granite

800 grams

overripe tomatoes



100 grams

ginger syrup

50 grams

sushi vinegar

5 grams


3 pieces

star anise


black pepper grains

Cut the overripe tomatoes in big pieces. Now cut the shallot in half and clean it. Transfer the tomatoes and shallot into a blender and also add the ginger syrup, the sushi vinegar, the salt, the star anise and the black pepper grains. Then blend this till smooth. Once smooth pour the base on a fine sauce sieve and press it through using a ladle so you don’t waste a single drop. Then clean the sieve and pass it through once more only this time don’t use a ladle but swirl the sieve so all the solids stay in the sieve. By doing it this way you safe a lot of time and still don’t waste a single drop. Now pour it into a big dish and let it freeze till completely frozen. Then once frozen use a fork to create a nice and fresh granite. Keep it in your freezer for later.


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