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The pear and cardamom sorbet

900 grams

pear juice

120 grams


180 grams


10 pieces


4 grams

sorbet stabilizer (or 2 grams xanthin gum)

Pour 400 grams of pear juice into a saucepan together with the glucose, the sugar and the cardamom seeds. Now bring this to a bowl for 1 minute. Then pour it into a bowl, add 4 grams of sorbet stabilizer or 2 grams of xanthan gum. Blend this for a minute. Then add 500 grams of pear juice and mix it. After let it set overnight in your fridge. The next day you can pass it through a fine sieve into an ice cream machine and turn it into a beautiful sorbet. Then keep it in your freezer for later.


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