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Tempura Shiso leaves

20 grams

rice flour

30 grams


10 grams


3 grams


100 grams

ice cold water

25 grams

whole egg

Green shiso leaves

First mix the rice flour with the flour, the cornstarch and the salt. Then while stirring add the ice cold water and the whole egg. Once it’s smooth directly stop mixing it prevent too much gluten from forming. Then the Shiso. Take a couple of leaves and submerge them in the batter. Then place the leaves on the side so all the access batter can drip off. For this I prefer a super thin layer of batter. Now deep fry them at 160 degrees Celsius and base some of the hot oil on top for an more even frying process. When the Shiso leaf stops bubbling gently take it out of the oil and continue frying. Then season them with salt and keep them dry and covered for later.


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