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Seaweed crisp


small celeriac

25 grams


15 grams

egg white

60 grams

isomalt sugar

10 grams


Take the celeriac and cut the top and bottom off. Now clean the sides. Then cut the celeriac in slices and cut those in small cubes. After that season some boiling water with salt and blanch the celeriac for a couple of minutes till fully cooked. Once cooked transfer it on a tray and spread it. Then let it cool down in your fridge. Now transfer 200 grams into a measuring jar and also add the seaweed, the egg white, the isomalt sugar and the glucose. Blend this till completely smooth. Then spread it on a silicon sheet using a scallop stencil and level the top. Now remove the stencil and dry the batter at 110 degrees Celsius for 2 hours. Once completely dry gently remove them from the sheet and place them one by one on a scallop shell press. Then place the top on there as well and press it together to shape the crisp. Let them cool down and then keep them dry and covered for later.



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