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Savory tartelette dough

120 grams


2 grams


80 grams

cold cubes butter


egg yolk

Pour the flour on your worktop. Also add the salt, the cold cubes of butter and the egg yolk. Now knead this into a nice ball of dough. Then wrap it in plastic foil and let it set in your fridge for at least half an hour. Once set flour your worktop and roll out the dough till it’s around 2 millimeters thin. Then cut the dough with a big round cutter. Now butter your tartelette mold with soft butter and then carefully press the dough in the mold. For this I always use some floured trimmings. Now trim the sides with the back of a knife and let the dough set for another 30 minutes in your fridge. Then bake them at 170 degrees Celsius for around 25 minutes till golden-brown.


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