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Savory beurre noisette tuille

60 grams

egg white

10 grams

sunflower oil

70 grams


50 grams


20 grams


2 grams


First caramelize the butter on a medium heat till it's a golden brown beurre noisette. Stir it every now and then to prevent it from burning. Then drain the beurre noisette through a kitchen paper to remove the solids. Then let it cool down in your fridge. After that weigh 40 grams into a blender and also add the egg white with the sunflower oil, the flour, the sugar and the salt. Blend this till you have a smooth batter. I added a gram of squid ink to color the batter, but this is optional. Then spread it on a tuille mold and level the top with a pallet knife. Now bake them at 150 degrees Celsius for around 15 minutes till golden brown. Keep them dry and covered for later.


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