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Salted caramel

230 grams


280 grams


70 grams


50 grams

glucose syrup

3 grams


40 grams

white chocolate

Transfer the sugar into a pan and caramelize it on a medium high heat till it’s a dark caramel. Stir it as little as possible to prevent the sugar from crystalizing. Once it’s a rich caramel slowly while stirring add the cream. Keep on heating it. Now also add the butter, the glucose syrup and the salt. Then heat it up till the caramel is 112 degrees Celsius. Stir it every now and then to prevent the caramel from burning. After that pour it into a bowl and while blending add the white chocolate. Be sure to keep the hand blender at the bottom of the bowl to prevent any air from mixing with the caramel. Now cover it with a piece of foil and let it cool down completely out of the fridge. This takes at least 4 hours. Then transfer it into a piping bag and keep it at room temperature. Now it's ready to be used!


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