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Rhubarb & strawberry dessert

Today we're making a delicious dessert with strawberries & rhubarb. It was delicious! It's a yoghurt & tarragon ice cream, a rhubarb & champagne foam, a rhubarb donut and a strawberry crisp.

The strawberry broth & powder

500 grams

frozen strawberries

50 grams


Mix the strawberries with the sugar in a bowl. Now cover it very tight with plastic wrap and heat it up on a double boiler for around 4 hours on a low heat. Once that’s done remove the plastic and pour the broth on a sieve that’s lined with a kitchen paper. Let this drain overnight in your fridge. Once that’s done transfer the strawberries on a silicon sheet and dry them at 60 degrees Celsius. Once the strawberries are completely dry, transfer them into a blender and blend it into a fine powder. Then keep it dry and covered for later

The rhubarb and champagne foam

600 grams


60 grams


Remove the ends from the rhubarb and chop it. Then transfer it into a pan and also add the sugar. Now let it cook at the lowest heat till you have a nice and thick compote. This can easily take 1 hour, but as long as it’s on a low heat it’s not likely to burn.

200 grams

of the rhubarb compote

100 grams

of the strawberry broth we just made

100 grams


60 grams

white caster sugar

35 grams

Espuma powder (cold)

Transfer the compote in a measuring cub and also add the strawberry broth, the champagne, the white caster sugar and the cold espuma powder. Blend this with a hand blender or a normal blender till smooth. Then pour it into a syphon and charge it with 2 charges. If it’s too thin add another charge. Now keep it in your fridge for later. Then clean around 400 grams of strawberries and cut them in small cubes. Now add it to the remaining rhubarb compote and mix it. Then transfer it into a piping bag and keep it in your fridge for later. I’m using reusable piping bags to reduce plastic waste.

The yoghurt and tarragon ice cream

1 kg


300 grams

white caster sugar

20 grams


First pour the yoghurt into a bowl together with the white caster sugar and blend this till smooth. Then chop the tarragon and add it to the yoghurt mixture. Let this marinade for at least 10 hours in your fridge. After that pour your yoghurt mixture through a sieve into an ice cream machine and spin it into a beautiful ice cream. Then cover it and let it set in your freeze for at least 30 minutes.

The rhubarb donut

65 grams


65 grams


7 grams


350 grams


2 grams


30 grams




50 grams


Pour the water into a measuring cub. Also add the milk and the yeast. Mix this well for around 30 seconds. Then mix the flour with the salt and the sugar in a bowl. After that add the yeast mixture with the egg and the butter. Now mix this and then knead it into a nice ball of dough. It's done once your hands and the bowl is clean. Then cover it with a kitchen cloth and let it rest in your fridge for around 3 hours. After that dust your worktop with some flour and roll out the dough till it’s around 1 centimeter thick. Then cut it with a round cutter into the desired size. After that fry it at 180 degrees Celsius till nice and golden on both sides. While you’re frying the donuts mix 50 grams of sugar with 5 grams of the strawberry powder we just made. Once all the donuts are fried cover them with a thin layer of the strawberry sugar. Then take your rhubarb and strawberry compote and fill the donuts as full as possible.

Then the strawberry crisp

10 grams


170 grams

strawberry broth

15 grams

potato starch

50 grams

Isomalt sugar

Mix the glucose with the strawberry broth, the potato starch and the isomalt sugar. Now while stirring bring it to a boil. Then pour it into a bowl and let it cool down in your fridge. After that spread it on a silicon sheet using a round stencil. Both the stencil and press I use are from Mold Brothers. Then let it dry at 110 degrees Celsius for 70 minutes. Now gently remove the crisp from the silicon sheet and press it between the disc press. Then let it cool down and keep it dry and covered for later.

The tarragon oil

30 grams

tarragon leaves

200 grams

neutral oil

First clean enough tarragon for 30 grams of leaves. Transfer them into a blender and add the neutral oil. Then blend this till it’s 65 degrees Celsius. The oil will heat up from the friction. Once that’s done pour the oil on a sieve that’s lined with a kitchen paper and let it drain in your fridge.

Now we can start to finish the dish

First pipe some of the compote on the middle of a plate. Then cover it with the rhubarb and champagne foam and pour the strawberry broth around it. Now dust some strawberry powder on your foam and place a nice quenelle of the yoghurt ice cream on top. Drizzle some tarragon oil on there and then top it off with the strawberry crisp. And now serve it with a freshly baked donut.


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