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Poached peaches

300 grams


300 grams


100 grams

ginger syrup

200 grams


5 sprigs



empty vanilla pod


cardamom seeds


white peaches

Mix the water with the prosecco, the ginger syrup, the sugar, the verbena, the empty vanilla pod and the cardamom seeds. Now bring this to a boil on a medium heat. Meanwhile we can clean the peaches. I use white peaches, but any other are also fine. Cut all around the pit and twist to peach to open it up. Then cut it in half once more and remove the pit. Once the liquid is boiling add the peaches and turn down the heat to the lowest setting. Now cover it with a piece of parchment paper for a more even cooking and let them poach for around 10 to 15 minutes. If the peaches are not fully ripened yet they might need longer. Then gently remove them from the liquid and let them cool down completely in your fridge. Keep the liquid for a peach granite. Once the peaches have cooled down use a small knife to remove the skin.


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