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Nori & wasabi buñuelo / waffle

Today we're going to make a delicious nori & wasabi buñuelo amuse. We then are going to fill it with avocado and top it off with furikake powder, a lime gel and a wasabi cream. All great recipes, so enjoy guys!

The wasabi crème

170 grams

neutral oil

30 grams


30 grams

egg white

30 grams


10 grams

wasabi paste

3 grams


15 grams

sushi vinegar

150 grams

chives oil

Pour the neutral oil into a blender. Now chop the chives and add it to the oil. Blender this till the oil is 65 degrees Celsius. It will heat up from the friction. Then pour it on a sieve that’s laid with a kitchen paper and let it drain in your fridge for a couple of hours. After that pour the egg white into a blender together with the ice, the wasabi paste, the salt, the sushi vinegar and the chives oil that we just made. Emulsify this till you have a smooth and silky cream.

The lime gel


limes (150 grams of juice)

80 grams


20 grams

ginger syrup

80 grams


4 grams

agar powder

2 grams

gelen powder

Chop the limes in half and juice them for 150 grams of juice. Then also add the water, the ginger syrup, the sugar, the agar powder and the gellan powder. Now mix it well and then bring it to a boil for one minute. Then pour it into a bowl and let it cool down in your fridge. Once it’s chilled transfer it into a blender and blend it till smooth.

The avocado

Cut one in half, twist it open and remove the seed. Then scoop the meat out using a spoon and press it through a spider. Now add the zest from a quarter of a lime. Then cut it in half and add a touch of lime juice. Also add a touch of salt and some pepper. Now mix it well.

The sesame seeds

Transfer some sesame seeds on a tray and toast them at 160 degrees Celsius till golden. After that let it cool down and then transfer it into a bowl.

The buñuelos

300 grams

chicken stock

15 grams

nori flakes or chopped nori

15 grams

wasabi paste

100 grams


3 grams




10 grams

sesame oil

Pour the chicken stock into a bowl together with the nori flakes or chopped nori, the wasabi paste, the flour, the salt, the egg and the sesame oil. Then blend this with a hand blender till completely smooth. You can also do this in a blender. Now heat up a sauce pan filled with neutral oil till it’s 170 degrees Celsius. Then also let the buñuelo mold heat up for a couple of minutes. Once it’s hot press it quickly in the batter and then back into the oil. Fry it until almost no more bubbles appear and then keep it on some kitchen paper for later. Then transfer some furikake into a blender and blend this into fine powder.

How to finish the amuse

First fill the bottom on the buñuelo with the avocado. Then turn it around and dust a proper amount of the furikake powder on top. After that transfer it onto the sesame seeds and pipe five dots of the wasabi cream and 5 dots of the lime gel on top. Now decorate it with some winter purslane and then it’s ready to be served!


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