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My 5 favorite savory tartelettes or tart shells

Today we’re going to make my 5 favorite savory tartelettes or tarts. It's a parmesan cheese one, a carrot glass tartelette, a plain one, a deep fried one and a spring roll one.

The carrot glass tartelette (this recipe is for 60 tartelettes)

800 grams

carrot juice

6 grams


12 pieces


90 grams

isomalt sugar

25 grams

potato starch

20 grams

glucose syrup

First pour the carrot juice into a saucepan together with the salt and the cardamom.

Now reduced this till your left with 300 grams of carrot juice. Once it’s reduced pass it through a fine sieve. Then add the isomalt sugar together with the potato starch and the glucose syrup. Blend this till smooth. Now pour it back into the saucepan and while stirring bring it to a boil. Then pour it into a bowl and let it cool down in your fridge. After that transfer it on a silicon sheet using a circle stencil and spread it. Then remove the stencil and dry the carrot base as 110 degrees Celsius for 70 minutes. Once it’s dry transfer it on a small tartelette mold and when still hot press another one on top. Then keep them dry and covered for later.

The plain savory tartelette (this recipe is for 40 tartelettes)

170 grams


60 grams


10 grams


3 grams


20 grams

olive oil

15 grams

egg yolk

First transfer the flour on your worktop and make a well in the middle. Then fill the well with the water, the sugar, the salt, the olive oil and the egg yolk. Knead it for a couple of minutes and then you can let it rest for at least 1 hour in your fridge. After that flour your worktop and put the dough on top. Then roll out the dough till it’s around 2 to 3 millimeters thick. Cut the dough with a round cutter. Now lay the dough on a tartelette mold and put another mold on top. Stack the tartelettes max with 4 layers. Let the dough rest in your fridge for at least 30 minutes and then bake them at 160 degrees Celsius for around 30 minutes till golden. Remove them when still hot to prevent them from breaking.

The springroll dough tartelette

Lay a couple sheet of springroll dough on your worktop. Then brush a thin layer of water on the dough and put another layer of dough on top. Now drizzle some oil on top and spread it evenly. Then cut it with a round cutter. 2 pieces of spring roll dough equal 9 tartelettes. Now just like we did with the plain tartelettes you can stack them in between the tartelette molds. These tartelettes are really great, and you can make them for less than a cent a piece.

Now bake them at 160 degrees Celsius for 20 to 25 minutes till golden.

Then also remove them when still hot and keep them dry and covered for later.

The fried tartelettes (this is for 50 tartelettes)

300 grams

vegetable broth

3 grams


50 grams


50 grams

rice flour

25 grams




First pour the vegetable broth into a measuring cub. Also add the salt, the flour, the rice flour, the cornstarch and the egg. Blend this till smooth. Then heat up some neutral oil till it’s 170 degrees Celsius and also heat up your stamp. Click here for the stamp. Once it’s hot gently press the stamp in the batter and then fry it till it starts to color. It should fall of pretty easily, but otherwise just give it a little push. Once deep fried season with some salt and then keep them dry and covered for later.

The parmesan cheese tartelette

Grate a thick amount of parmesan cheese on a silicon sheet. Then tighty up the edges and bake the parmesan at 180 degrees Celsius for around 4 to 5 minutes. You only want the cheese to melt and dry out a bit, so not to turn crispy yet. Then let it cool down for a minute and cut it with a round cutter. Now remove the rounds from the sheet and place them like I showed you guys before between the tartelette molds. Now bake them for another 15 minutes till golden and crispy. Gently remove them when still hot for the best result.


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