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Marinate cherry tomatoes

100 grams

sushi vinegar

100 grams

white wine vinegar

150 grams


80 grams


3 sprigs



cinnamon stick


cardamom seeds


black pepper grains


star anise






garlic clove


empty vanilla pod

5 sprigs


Cherry tomatoes

Mix the sushi vinegar with the white wine vinegar, the water, the sugar, the thyme, the cinnamon stick, the cardamom seeds, the black pepper grains, the star anise, the peel from one lemon and the peel from one lime. Then cut both in half as well and add the juice to the pan. After cut the garlic fine and add it to the pan. Now finally also add the empty vanilla pod and then bring it to a boil on a high heat. Then directly turn off the heat, add the basil and let this cool down completely out of the fridge. Meanwhile we need to remove the skin from the cherry tomatoes. First remove them from the stem and bring a pot of water to a boil. Now make a little cross at the bottom of the tomatoes. This will shorten the time you need to blanch them and keep them nice and firm. Then blanch them for around 15 seconds on a high heat to really keep the water boiling. Once that’s done directly cool them down in ice water and leave them in the water for 5 minutes. You want to be sure that they are totally cold to prevent them from turning soft. After that gently peel away the skin. Now pass the marinade through a fine sieve on the tomatoes and mix it well to make sure the tomatoes are totally covered. Let this marinade in your fridge for at least 2 hours.


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