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Magnolia cheong, a korean style syrup

Start by removing the magnolia peddles from the flowers. You’ll need quite a lot, but the end result is so good! Once that’s done wash the peddles to remove any bugs. After a couple of minutes drain the water and dry the peddles using a salad spinner. Then let them dry for 30 minutes in your oven or heat draw with just the fan on to remove as must access water as possible. After that weigh the magnolia and add a gram of sugar for every gram of magnolia paddles. First add a layer of sugar on the bottom of a preserving jar and then add a layer of magnolia. Now continue till you end up with a thick layer of sugar on top. Then press it down using a glass weight or just a regular glass. Now close it up and keep it in your fridge for two weeks! After the two weeks all the sugar has dissolved, and it turned into a beautiful thick and rich syrup. When that has happened drain the syrup and use a spoon to press out all the syrup so you don’t waste a single drop. Now you can keep it in your fridge for many weeks.


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