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Honey glazed duck breast with the best potato ever! (main course) Fine dining Christmas menu special

Today where going to cook the main course. It’s going to be a honey glazed duck breast with brussels sprouts and the best potato preparation you have ever seen!

The best potato you’ve ever had

250 grams


5 springs


2 kg

waxy potato

First transfer the butter into a saucepan and caramelize this on a low heat. Stir it ever now and then to prevent it from burning. Once it’s nice and golden put it through a sieve that’s laid with a clean kitchen paper. Then add the thyme and let this marinate for at least 30 minutes. While that’s marinating take the potato and peel them. Then portion them in big chunks of 4 centimeters. After that I slice them on a vegetable sheet slicer. This is where I bought mine.

If you use that link it won’t cost you anything extra but you do support my channel. The trimmings you can keep and use some other time. Now transfer the potato sheets on a kitchen towel and dry them. Remove the towel and cover the potato with the thyme beurre noisette. Make sure that all the potato is covered with the butter. Then you can start to roll the sheet up. Do this as tight as possible so later on they cook evenly and don’t fall apart. Once it has the desired size transfer it into a baking tin. Press it down all the way and cover it with the remaining thyme butter. Then add a renegues amount of salt to season the potato. Now cut a piece of parchment paper into the same size as the baking tin with a little hole in the middle. Use this to cover the potato and then cook it at 120 degrees Celsius for three hours. After that put something that’s the same size on top and then put some weight on the potato. Now let this set overnight in your fridge. The next day you can remove the weights and take the potato tart out of the tin. Then cut it into the desired size and keep it covered in your fridge for later.

The mushroom Brussels sprouts

250 grams




50 grams


100 grams

150 grams

Brussels sprouts

Start by chopping the mushrooms really fine. Then take the onion, cut it in half and clean it. Now chop it as well. Then heat up a frying pan, add a splash of oil and glaze the onions on a medium heat with some salt. Now also add the mushrooms and fry those till the start to color. Then add the madeira and the duck sauce. Now let this reduce and then transfer it into a bowl. Then take the brussels sprouts and clean them. Keep the nice leaves for later. We’re going to use them for decoration. Now take your cleaned brussels sprouts and cut them in four. Transfer them on a tray that’s laid with a silicon sheet and season with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Then bake them at 200 degrees Celsius for around 10 to 15 minutes. Once done add them to the mushroom and mix it. Give it a little taste for seasoning and then portion it into little balls of 20 grams. After that keep them in your fridge for later.

The honey glaze

250 grams

chicken stock

50 grams


3 grams


3 springs


Pour the chicken stock into a saucepan together with the honey, the salt and the thyme. Now reduce this till it’s 100 grams and then let it cool down out of the fridge.

The duck

First cut away any membranes or excess fat. Then let the fat of the duck set in your freezer for 15 minutes. After that score the fat side in a cross pattern with a really sharp knife. Make sure you only score the fat and don’t cut into the meat. Now heat up a frying pan and add a splash of oil. Then season the duck with some salt on the fat side. Turn it around and season the meat side with salt and pepper. Now put the duck fat side down in the pan and fry till the skin is nice and golden. Do this on a medium heat. Then turn it around, add a knot of butter and a couple of springs of thyme. Now base the duck with the hot fat for around 1 minute. Then transfer it on an oven rack, cover it with the hot fat and bake it in an oven at 110 degrees Celsius for another 10 minutes. Once it’s cooked let it rest for 10 minutes.

How to finish the dish

Deep fry the potato slices in some hot oil that’s 180 degrees Celsius. Once there golden take them out of the oil and season on all sides with salt. While the duck is resting heat up the mushroom Brussels sprouts at 160 degrees Celsius for around 5 minutes. Then take your duck breast and portion it in 3. Brush some of the honey glaze on the skin and then we can start to plate. Start with the crispy potato slice and lay the brussels sprout mushroom next to it. Cover it with the Brussels sprout leaves that I’ve season with 1 part of sushi vinegar and 1 part of olive oil. Now put the duck on the plate and season it with some flaky salt. And then finish it off with some beautiful duck sauce. Enjoy!


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