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Hibiscus lollypops

It's already the third video of my friandise special project where I'll be uploading one YouTube video a day! We're going to make my favorite 7 friandises or petit fours and today we'll make some beautiful chocolate lollipops. The filling is flavored with a hibiscus syrup and the outside layer is beautifully decorated.

The hibiscus filling

50 grams of hibiscus syrup

120 grams of cream

300 grams of dark chocolate

Start by pouring the hibiscus syrup in a saucepan and also add the cream. Then bring this to a boil on a medium heat. Once it’s boiling turn off the heat and add the dark chocolate. Emulsify this with a hand blender. Now transfer it into a piping bag and fill your desired mold with the filling. Then put a lolly stick in every ball and gently transfer them into the freezer. Let it set for a couple of hours. After that transfer some white chocolate in a bowl and melt it. Now add some red fat soluble coloring powder and mix it well. Then take a bigger amount of white chocolate and melt it till it’s 35 degrees Celsius. Tap the bottom a couple of times to remove all the air bubbles. Now take the red colored white chocolate and pipe it in long lines on top. Then remove the lollypops from the mold. After that gently press it in the white chocolate and while spinning take it out. Let them set upside down to create a nice form. Repeat this process with all lollypops and pipe some more red chocolate on top once all is used. To let the lollypops set upside down I simply drilled some holes in a wooden plank, but you can also stick them in Styrofoam or cardboard. Once set keep them in your fridge for later.


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