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Green leek and dill coulis

The green part from four leeks

150 grams

white wine

250 grams

vegetable broth

5 grams


30 grams

dill leaves

Xanthan gum

Start by chopping the green part of four leeks and then transfer it into a colander. Now wash it well under running cold water and then let it drain for a couple of minutes. Then transfer it into a big pan and also add the white wine, the vegetable broth and the salt. Now we need to cover it slightly. For that fold a piece of parchment paper a couple of times to the same corner and then cut it to the desired size with a scissor. Also cut a small hole in the center. Now unfold it and cover the leeks with the paper. Then let it simmer of a medium heat till the leeks are fully cooked. Just take your time for this. Meanwhile we can pick the dill. In total you’ll need 30 grams of dill leaves. Once the leeks are cooked remove the paper and transfer it into a blender. Also add the picked dill leaves and then blend it till smooth. The dill will color the coulis and give a nice flavor. Then add a touch of xanthan gum to prevent it from splitting. After that pour it into a jar and cool it down as fast as possible to prevent it from losing its color.


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