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Foamy tom yum sauce

The bones and head from 1 fish (brill, turbot, etc)





100 grams


100 grams


0.5 bulb





lime leaves

6 sprigs


30 grams

cane sugar

800 grams

coconut milk



Salt & fish sauce

First remove the eyes and gills from the fish bones. When boiling them to long they will turn the sauce bitter. Also remove the bloodline. Then cut the bones into smaller pieces and do this as well with the head. Transfer everything into a pan and let some cold-water rinse on the bones until the water is completely clear. Once clear remove around half of the water, but be sure to keep the bones completely submerged. Then bring this to a simmer on a medium heat with a drizzle of white wine vinegar. Let this simmer for 30 minutes and meanwhile scoop off any protein or white foam that’s floating on top. After that gently pass the broth through a fine sieve and let it drain for at least 30 minutes so you don’t waste a single drop.

Now we can make the sauce, first cut onions in half and clean them. Then chop them. Now add a drizzle of oil to a hot pan and glaze the onions on a medium heat till they start to color. Meanwhile cut the lemongrass, the galangal, the ginger and the garlic. Then remove the stems from the chilies and cut them in big pieces. Once the onions start to color add the chopped spices and pan fry this for another 5 minutes. After deglaze the pan with the fish broth and also add the lime leaves, the coriander, the cane sugar and the coconut milk. Let this simmer for at least 3 hours on the lowest heat. Then drain the sauce and pass it through using a ladle so you don’t waste a single drop. Now cut the lime in half and add the juice to the sauce to balance the fattiness. Then season it with salt and fish sauce. Now blend it to emulsify the sauce and give it a final taste. Keep it in your fridge for later.


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