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Foamy sherry sauce

The fish bones and head from 1 big round fish







coriander grains


black pepper grains


bay leaf

1 clove


500 grams


250 grams

white sherry

100 grams

creme fraiche

First remove both eyes for the head. These are very bitter. Now also remove the gills. These are very bitter as well. The remaining bones you can cut in smaller pieces and then transfer everything into a saucepan. Now let some cold water run on the bones for around 5 minutes. Then remove a little bit of the water. Add a drizzle of vinegar and bring it to a simmer on a medium heat. The vinegar will help with clarifying the broth. Meanwhile cut the leek to the middle and wash it well under cold water. Now cut it. Then cut the onion in half and clean it. Now cut it. Once it’s simmering use a small ladle to remove any solid egg white foam that floats on top. Then add the coriander grains to the broth together with the black pepper grains, the bay leaf, the clove of garlic that’s cut in half and the chopped vegetables. Now let it simmer for 45 minutes. After that use a ladle to pass the fish broth through a fine sieve. Be gentle to insure it stays beautifully clear. Now let’s turn the broth into a delicious sauce. Add the cream to the broth together with the white sherry and reduce this for 60%. Leaving you with 40%. Now transfer it into a saucepan and add the crème fraiche. Blend it with a hand blender to emulsify it and to create a beautiful foam.


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