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Fine dining dish with only 1 ingredient

Today we’re going to make a beautiful fine dining dish with only one ingredient. We're going to make it with onions

The toasted onion oil

300 grams

neutral oil

the peels from 2.5 kg onions

Transfer the peels into an oven dish and dry them at 80 degrees Celsius for around 2 hours. Once their dry transfer them into a container and set fire to them with a blowtorch. Then add the neutral oil. Now cover this directly and wrap it tight with plastic foil. Let it sit for 30 minutes. After remove the top and pour the oil on a sieve that’s laid with a clean kitchen paper.

Onion paper

400 grams

cleaned onion

4 grams


20 grams

white wine vinegar

First chop the cleaned onion fine. Then heat up a frying pan, add a splash of oil and glaze the onions on a low heat. Also add the salt for seasoning. Now cover the pan and keep on heating it on a low heat for 30 minutes. Then add the white wine vinegar and reduce this completely. Once it’s reduced transfer the onions into a blender and blender it till smooth. Now spread a layer that’s around 1 millimeter thick on a silicon sheet. Then dry this at 70 degrees Celsius for around 3 hours. Now gently remove the onion paper from the silicon sheet and cut it with a big round cutter.

Onion broth

Cut 8 onions in four and transfer them onto an oven dish. Now slightly toast them with a blowtorch. Then cover the dish with a silicon sheet and then an oven tray. You can also use aluminum foil. Now toast it at 200 degrees Celsius for 1 hour. Transfer the toasted onions in a big pan, cover it with water and let it simmer for at least 3 hours. Then drain it through a fine sieve and keep the leftovers for later. Now reduce it till you have the desired flavor and then season it with salt and a touch of white wine vinegar. Give it a taste and then put it through a sieve that’s laid with a clean kitchen paper.

Onion powder

Begin by spreading the onion trimmings that we had left from the on a silicon sheet. Then remove the peels and dry the onions at 80 degrees. This takes around 5 hours. Once dry transfer them into a blender and blender it into a fine powder.

Onion filling

Take 2 kg of cleaned onions and chop them fine. Then heat up a big pot, add a splash of oil and caramelize the onions together with some salt. Do this on a medium heat. Once their caramelized season the onions with some of the onion powder that we just made. Mix it and let transfer it into a bowl. Now cover it with plastic foil and then let it cool down in your fridge.

How to plate

First put a small amount of the filling on the onion paper and fold this together like a dumpling. Then take a hot plate and pipe the onion cream that’s at room temperature in a circle on the plate. Now put the dumplings on there as well. Those are also at room temperature. At a couple of drops of the smoked onion oil together with the onion powder. And now finish it off with the hot onion broth.


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