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Fine dining corn dish

Today dish is a based on some beautiful sweet corn. It's a fried polenta with a corn sauce, toasted corn, a lemon gel, a parmesan cheese crispy and a coriander oil.

The corn

First season some water with salt and bring this to a boil. Now cook 2 pieces of corn for around 30 minutes. Once cooked take them out of the water and let them cool down in your fridge. Then take a really sharp knife and use that to cut the corn into the desired shape. The trimmings you can keep for the corn sauce. Now gently use a blowtorch to toast the corn.

The corn sauce

​50 grams


4 grams


300 grams

corn trimmings

15 grams

white wine vinegar

750 grams

chicken stock

500 grams


Cut a onion in half and clean it. Now chop it. Then heat up a saucepan, add a splash of oil and glaze the onion together with the salt. Once its softened add the corn trimmings and fry them for around 3 minutes on a medium heat. Then add the white wine vinegar, the chicken stock and the cream. Let it reduce for one third and then blender it into a smooth sauce. Now put it through a fine sieve and use a ladle to press it through so you don’t waste a single drop.

The coriander oil

30 grams

coriander leaves

150 grams

neutral oil

Transfer the coriander leaves into a blender together with the neutral oil and blender this till the oil is 65 degrees Celsius. The oil will heat up because of the friction and that will insure a nice green color with a beautiful flavor. Then pour it on a sieve that’s laid with a kitchen paper and let this cool down in your fridge.

The parmesan cheese crisp

First grate a thick layer on parmesan cheese on a silicon sheet and use a pallet knife to clean the sides. Now heat this up in a microwave at 1000 watts for 45 seconds. After that remove it from the silicon sheet and gently cut it into the desired shape. Then transfer it back onto the silicon sheet and heat it up in the microwave for another 2 minutes. Now let it cool down and then keep it dry and covered.

The lemon gel

150 grams

lemon juice

80 grams


20 grams

ginger syrup

80 grams


4 grams

agar powder

4 grams

gellan powder

Pour the lemon juice in a saucepan and add the water, the ginger syrup, the sugar, the agar powder and the gellan powder. Now mix this and then bring it to a boil for 1 minute. Once it has boiled pour it in a bowl and let it cool down in your fridge. Then transfer it into a blender and blender it till it’s a smooth gel.

The polenta

650 grams

chicken stock

100 grams


5 grams


130 grams


60 grams

parmesan cheese

Pour the chicken stock into a pot together with the butter and the salt. Now bring this to a boil on a medium heat. Once it is boiling add the polenta and while stirring bring this to a boil once more. Then clean the sides of the pot. Put a lid on the pot and cook it in an oven of 160 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes. Now take the pot out of the oven and add the parmesan cheese to the polenta. Mix this and be aware that the pot is very hot! Then pour it onto a tray that’s laid with a silicon sheet. Put another sheet on top and make it level with a rolling pin. Now let it cool down in your fridge. After that remove the silicon sheet and cut the polenta into the desired shape.

How to finish the dish

First heat up a frying pan, add a splash of oil and fry the polenta golden brown on the top and bottom. Now take it out of the pan. Meanwhile heat the corn in an oven of 160 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes and then glaze the top with some olive oil and season with flaky salt. Now transfer the polenta onto a plate and put a parmesan cheese crispy on top. Lay the corn on the crispy and put another crispy on top Then pipe a couple of dots on the crisp and decorate it with winter purslane. And now finish it off with the hot corn sauce and a couple of drops of the coriander oil. Enjoy!


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