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Fine dining cod dish with mushroom & a tapioca crisp

This delicious cod dish is really a perfect dish for this season. The mushroom duxelles and broth are so flavorful. The tapioca crisp gives it a perfect texture and let's be honest, black garlic is always a good idea.

The codfish

First take 1 loin of the codfish and remove the skin. Then remove any membranes or bones and season the it with salt. Do this on all sides. Now cover your worktop with 4 layers of plastic foil and make sure that it’s really tight. Then put the loin on the middle of the foil and roll the plastic foil around it. Try to do this as tight as possible as well and make a knot at one side. Now use the other side to roll it even tighter and then make another knot. Trim of any excess foil and cook the loin sous-vide at 46 degrees Celsius for 26 minutes. Once it’s cooked transfer the cod into an ice bad and make sure you use plenty of ice. Let this set in your fridge for at least 12 hours. Now take your cod fish and cut it into the desired size. Do this using a sharp knife and then remove the plastic. After that put them on a metal tray and use a blowtorch to sear the top. Heat them up at 160 degrees Celsius for 5 to 8 minutes.

The tapioca crisp

1 liter


8 grams


140 grams

tapioca pearls

Pour the water into a saucepan together with the salt. Bring this to a boil. Once it’s boiling add the tapioca pearls and let this simmer until the pearls are completely see through. Stir it ever now and then to prevent it from burning. After that transfer it onto a silicon sheet and spread it. Then dry it at 60 degrees Celsius. Once it’s dry deep fry it at 210 degrees Celsius so they puff up nicely. Now season it with salt and let them cool down completely.

The crispy calvanero kale

First remove the leaves and cut the stem out. Now deep fry it at 180 degrees Celsius to make them nice and crispy. Season this with salt after frying. Then let it cool down and keep it on some kitchen paper, dry and covered.

The glazed calvanero kale

First remove the leaves and cut the stem out. Now cut the kale fine. Then transfer it into a bowl and keep it in your fridge. When you need it transfer the cut kale in a pan together with a splash of vegetable stock and a touch of salt. Now heat this up and then add a small knot of butter. Glaze it for around 1 minute.

The mushroom broth

100 grams


600 grams


5 grams


50 grams

sushi vinegar

150 grams

white wine

2 liters


6 springs



bay leaves


black pepper grains

a pince

Xantana powder

Start by cleaning the shallots. Then cut it in thin slices. After that take the mushrooms and chop it in thin slices as well. Now heat up a big pan and add a splash of oil, the chopped shallots, the chopped mushrooms and the salt. Bake this till golden and then deglaze it with the sushi vinegar and the white wine. Reduce this for 5 minutes and then add the water. Also add the thyme, the bay leaves and the black pepper grains. Let it simmer for 3 hours and then pour it through a fine sieve that’s laid with a clean kitchen paper. Now leave it for half an hour so you don’t waist a single drop. After that add a touch of xantana powder and mix this to bind the broth a little bit. Then give it a taste and when necessary season it with salt.

The mushroom duxelles

400 grams

of a variety of mushroom, I use shiitake, king mushroom and a normal plain one


big sweet onion

3 grams


3 springs


15 grams

sushi vinegar

100 grams

vegetable stock

First chop the mushroom really fine. Then clean the sweet onion and chop it. Now heat up a frying pan, add a splash of oil and glaze the onions together with the salt. Then add the chopped mushrooms together with the leaves from the thyme. Fry this till golden brown and then deglaze it with the sushi vinegar and the vegetable stock. Reduce this completely. Now lay a small piece of plastic foil on your worktop and put some duxelles on top. Cover it with another layer of foil and spread it evenly using a rolling pin. Then let it freeze in your freezer. Once it’s frozen cut it with a big round cutter and keep it in your freezer for later.

The black garlic emulsion

30 grams

black garlic cloves

35 grams

sushi vinegar

3 grams


35 grams

egg white

150 grams

neutral oil

Transfer the black garlic cloves into a blender together with the sushi vinegar, the salt and the egg white. Spin this till it’s completely smooth and then add the oil. Now spin it until it’s emulsified. Then put it in a piping bag.


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