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Farce stuffed corn



250 grams

chicken trimmings

60 grams

whole eggs

40 grams


6 grams


80 grams


First remove the husk from the corns and keep the husk to make a husk oil. Then season a pot of boiling water with a generous amount of salt and blanch the corn for around 4 to 5 minutes till cooked. Once cooked take them out of the water and let them cool down in your fridge or in some ice water as soon as possible. Then for the farce: Mix the chicken trimmings with the whole egg, the butter and the salt. Blend this till smooth, but be sure that the chicken doesn’t heat up too much from the friction. Once smooth while mixing add the cream and when it’s incorporated directly stop blending to prevent the farce from splitting. Then transfer it on a fine flat sieve and use a dough scraper or spatula to press it through the sieve. By doing this you’ll create a super elegant and refined farce or mousse. Keep it out of the fridge for later. Then take the blanched corn and use a super sharp and thin knife to cut around the center of the corn. Be very gentle so the corn stays in one piece. Now fill the cut corn all the way with the farce and then bake it at 130 degrees Celsius for around 18 minutes till the farce is cooked. Once cooked take it out of the oven and let it cool down completely. Then again use a super sharp knife to gently portion the corn into the desired size and place them on a metal tray. Now torch the side with a blow torch for a nice smokey flavor.


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