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Crab cream

Ingredients for the crab reduction

Trimmings & head for 1 crab



1 bulb


200 grams

white wine

100 grams


2 liter


4 springs


Ingredients for the cream

30 grams

egg yolk

2 grams


10 grams


10 grams

lime juice

30 grams

crab reduction

150 grams

neutral oil

The crab reduction

Take the body and open it. Then remove the death man’s fingers and chop the body in smaller pieces. After that scoop the intestines from the shell. Add everything to the trimmings. Now take the onions and clean them. Then chop them. Now cut the garlic in half. Then heat up a big pot and add a splash of oil. Now transfer the trimmings into the pot and fry the until they start to color. Then add the chopped onion and garlic. Let this caramelize and then deglaze the pot with the white wine and the Pernod. Let this reduce for 2 minutes and then add the water together with the tarragon. Now let it simmer for 45 minutes. After that drain the broth and be sure to let it drip for at least half an hour so you don’t waist a single drop. Then let it reduce for 90% till it’s super thick and flavorful. Now pour it into a bowl and let it cool down in your fridge.

The crab cream

Then transfer the egg yolk into a blender together with the salt, the mustard, the lime juice and the crab reduction. Now mix this for 30 seconds and then add the oil. Let this emulsify. After that transfer it into a piping bag. Now take your crab meat and add a good amount of the crab cream. Also add the zest from a quarter of a lime and some salt. Now mix this and keep it in your fridge till you need it.


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