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Confit lemon peel interior



100 grams


200 grams


First peel the lemons with a citrus peeler. Just start at the top and peel it all around. Now cut those peels in small cubes. After that we need to blanch the peels three times. Every time you need to get new water and let them blanch for around 30 seconds. This will remove the bitter flavor of the peels. Leaving you with the beautiful aromatic and rich flavor. Once that’s done add the sugar and the water. Bring this to a simmer and the let it simmer on a low heat till a syrup starts to form. After that pour it into a bowl and let it cool down completely. Meanwhile take the two zested lemons and cut away the peels. Now cut just beside the membrane and then flip the knife to remove the flesh. Then use a tweezer to remove any lemon seeds. After cut it in smaller pieces and then add it to the confit peels. Also add some lemon gel and then mix it.


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