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Coffee bean sugar shell

300 grams

isomalt sugar

100 grams


100 grams


2 grams

instant coffee powder

50 grams

dark chocolate

50 grams

cacao butter

cacao powder

Mix the isomalt sugar with the mannitol and the sugar. Heat this up till the temperature of the sugar is 155 degrees Celsius. Once the sugar starts to melt stir it every now and then. Then turn down the heat and add the instant coffee powder. Mix it well to dissolve the powder. After that fill a couple of coffee bean molds. These are from Mold Brothers. Click here for more info. Now directly turn them around and let the sugar drip out on a silicon mold. You can remelt this and use it again. Then clean the top and once it has cooled down remove them from the mold. Be very gently so you don’t break the sugar. Now heat up an old knife with a blowtorch and cut the bottom off. Clean the knife after each coffee bean so the sugar doesn’t burn. After that add a thin layer of a mixture of the melted cacao butter and the dark chocolate. Once that’s set dust it with some cacao powder and then keep them dry and covered for later.


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