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Cockle tartelette

1 kg




3 springs


300 grams

white wine

15 stems


Transfer the cockles in a bowl and rinse under a slow stream of cold water for around 30 minutes. Meanwhile clean the shallot and chop it fine. Now transfer it into a pan and add the thyme, the white wine and the saffron. Then heat this up till it’s around 80 degrees Celsius and then marinate it for 30 minutes. After that drain the cockles and heat up a big pan. Add a splash of oil and bake the cockles for around 30 seconds. Now add the saffron broth and cook the cockles till they open. Drain this and then transfer it onto a tray. Cover it with plastic foil and let it cool down in your fridge. Then take the liquid and pour it on a sieve covered with a kitchen paper to clarify it.

170 grams

cockle liquid

10 grams


50 grams

isomalt sugar

15 grams

potato starch

2 grams


Pour the cockle liquid in a pan together with the glucose, the isomalt sugar, the potato starch and the salt. Mix this and then while stirring bring it to a boil. Now pour it in a bowl, cover it with plastic foil and let it set in your fridge. Spread your saffron mixture on a silicon sheet in your desired shape. Dry this at 110 degrees Celsius for 70 minutes. Now take two warm tartelette molds add press it in between to shape it. Then let it cool down and keep it dry and covered.


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