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Chocolate and caramel tartelette

75 grams


10 grams


150 grams


30 grams


30 grams

dark chocolate

Mix the glucose with the water and the sugar. Heat this up till the temperature is 170 degrees Celsius. When the light colored caramel is done turn off the heat and add the butter and the dark chocolate. Mix this till it’s an even mixture. Then pour it on a silicon sheet, level it and let it cool down out of the fridge. Now break it in small pieces and transfer it into a blender. Blend it till it’s a fine powder. Then dust it on a silicon sheet using a stencil till a thick layer has formed. Now remove the stencil and melt the powder at 170 degrees Celsius for a minute or 2. Then gently place the discs on the tartelette mold (click here for the mold) and let this melt for another 30 seconds. Now when still hot directly form it with the top and let it cool down for a couple of seconds. Then keep the tartelettes dry and covered for later.


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