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Cherry dessert amuse

Today we're making a delicious cherry dessert amuse. We're making our own baileys or Irish cream that we then use as a base for liquid filled cherry covered with homemade coffee chocolate.

How to make baileys

300 grams


150 grams


20 grams

dark espresso

300 grams


First pour the cream into a saucepan together with the sugar and the dark epsresso. Bring this to a boil. Then take it off the heat and let it cool down completely. After that add the whiskey and mix it well. Now transfer it into a bottle or container and keep it in your fridge for later.

The cherry filling

350 grams


150 grams


Take the cherries and remove the stems. Keep those in your fridge for later. Now remove the pits. Then pour the baileys into a measuring jar and also add 250 grams of the cleaned cherries. Blend this till smooth. Once smooth pass it through a fine sieve and use a ladle so you don’t waste a single drop. Now fill your desired mold, I do this with a small piping bottle to make it a bit easier. Then let the cherries set completely in your freezer.

The coffee caramel chocolate

200 grams

cacao butter

100 grams

milk powder

100 grams

cane sugar

10 grams

instant coffee flakes or powder

First melt the cacao butter on a low heat. Then pour it into a wet grinder. Now also add the milk powder and then turn on the machine. Then slowly add the cane sugar and the instant coffee flakes or powder. Mix this for around 4 hours till silky smooth. Now I’m going to use it to cover the cherries, so I colored it with a touch of red and purple fat soluble coloring powder. When you’re happy with the result transfer it into a bowl.

How to finish the cherries

Then take your cherry stems and tie some thin rope around it. Now use a scissor to tighty up the ends. Then remove the cherries from the mold and use a hot metal rod to make a small hole at the top. Fill it with 2 drops of the cherry filling and then place the cherry stem on top. Hold it for a couple of seconds till frozen and then let them set for 5 more minutes in your freezer. Meanwhile heat up the chocolate on a double boiler or in the microwave till it’s 35 degrees Celsius. Now dip the cherries quickly to cover them with the chocolate. Repeat this process with all the cherries and then let them defrost in your fridge. Now I serve them in a little tree with a special wow factor. For this place a small bowl in the soil underneath the tree. Fill it with some dry ice and then hang the cherries in the tree. Then pour some boiling water with a couple of drops of cherries aroma oil on the dry ice for a really cool effect.


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