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Celery tartelettes

500 grams


50 grams




First juice the celery in a juice centrifuge. I use a slow juicer to keep the optimal flavor & color. To make the juice a touch greener I also juiced the spinach and added it to the celery juice. It may not seem like a lot of juice, but for the color it really makes a difference. Then also add the juice from half a lime. This will prevent the juice from turning brown. Mix the celery base well.

1 small


350 grams

celery base

60 grams

isomalt sugar

10 grams

lime juice

15 grams

egg white

10 grams


2 grams


Parsley or spinach leaves

First cut a small celeriac in half and clean it. Then cut it in even small cubes. In total you need 150 grams of cubes. Now transfer them into a pan and also add the celery base. Bring this to a boil and reduce it till the total weight is 200 grams. Then transfer it into a measuring cub or a blender. Add the isomalt sugar, the lime juice, the egg white, the glucose and the salt. Now blend this till smooth. Because it has been heated for so long the color has faded, to fix this I added a couple leaves of parsley, but spinach is also fine. Blend it till smooth to restore the color. Then spread it on a silicon sheet using a stencil. The stencil and molds I use in this recipe are from Mold Brothers. Click here for more info. Now remove the stencil and dry them at 95 degrees Celsius for 2.5 hours. Once they are completely dry transfer them one by one on bottom of the tartelette mold and heat them up at the same temperature for a minute or three. Then use the top to press down the disc and shape the tartelettes. After that let them cool down completely and keep them dry and covered for later. Now a little trick, these tartelettes can turn soft quite fast once filled. Especially with a moist filling. To delay this process I cut some spinach leaves with the cutter from the mold and added a drizzle of oil. Now make sure everything is covered and place them between the tartelette mold. Let this dry at 95 degrees as well for around 1 to 2 hours. This will be the bottom layer when plating the tartelette and it makes a real difference for the texture.


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