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Blossom white chocolate galettes

I use cherry blossom. First remove the blossoms from the stems and weigh the total amount. Then add 15% of salt and gently mix it not to bruise the flowers. Now press it down with a bowl and let it brine in your fridge for two days. After that submerge the blossoms with cold water and gently mix it for a couple of seconds. Then drain as much water as possible. Once that’s done submerge it with some sushi vinegar. Now cover it, press it down and let it pickle in your fridge for two days as well. After the two days the vinegar has turned beautifully pink and you can drain it by passing it through a fine sieve. It’s great for vinaigrettes, seasoning and much more. Then gently pick the blossoms apart from each other and transfer them on some kitchen paper. Now put another layer on top and press it down to dry them. Then lay them on a silicon sheet and dry them at 40 degrees Celsius till completely crispy. The blossoms have a beautiful flavor and it’s great for a garnish.

Now take some melted chocolate that’s 45 degrees Celsius and add a ¼ of chocolate nibs. Then mix it well to cool down the chocolate and temper it. In the end the chocolate needs to be 30 degrees Celsius. Once that’s done pour some on a plastic sheet and spread it. Then directly lay the dried blossoms on top. You’ll need to work fast, because the chocolate will set and then the blossoms won’t stick. Now cover it with another sheet of foil and add a flat board or a tray. Then let it set for at least 30 minutes. Once it’s set remove the top layer and portion it with the desired cutter. These are perfect to decorate desserts and bring them to the next level!


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