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Best short rib dish ever!

Today I'll be showing you the best way to prepare a short rib. Where going to brine, braise and glaze it. Then we'll be serving it with caramelized shallots, a garden salad and a delicious brioche bread.

The short rib

150 grams

nitrite salt

3 liter



short ribs



5 cloves



bay leaves

1 liter

jus de veau or demi-glace

water or beef stock

We’ll start by braining the short rib. Mix the nitrite salt with the water and dissolve this. Now add two beautiful pieces of short rib and make sure that they are submerged completely. Let it brine for 24 hours in your fridge. After that transfer them on an oven rack and dry them completely with kitchen paper. Then heat up a big pan, add a splash of oil and pan fry the short rib till golden. Do this on both sides. Meanwhile cut the root from the shallots and then cut them in half. Now chop them. Also cut the garlic in half. Then remove the short ribs from the pan and start caramelizing the shallots and garlic. Once golden add the bay leaves and deglaze it with the jus de veau or demi-glace and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Now transfer the short ribs into a big pot together with the deglazing liquid and then submerge it completely with water or beef stock. Then we’re going to cover it with parchment paper. For that take a piece of parchment and fold it until you can’t fold it no more. Now cut it to the desired size and cut a small hole in the middle. Then cover it and let the short rib come to a boil on a medium heat. Once it’s boiling transfer the pan into the oven that’s 85 degrees Celsius and cook it for 14 hours. You can also do this sous-vide. I always do this overnight. The next day you can remove the parchment from the top and then gently transfer the short ribs on an oven rack. Let it cool down for 5 minutes and then gently turn them around. Now pull out the bones. Then use a sharp knife to cut away the membrane or any fat. Turn it around once more and gently remove the fat. Keep all the trimmings for later. Now lay a piece of parchment paper in a container and put your short rib on top. Cover this with parchment paper and then another container. Now let it set in your fridge for 3 hours while putting something heavy to top.

The short rib balsamic glaze

Take the short rib cooking liquid and pass it through a fine sieve. Let it set in your fridge. Then use a spider to remove the solid fat and transfer it into a bowl. Keep it for later. After that reduce the liquid for around 75%, but be careful that the liquid doesn’t become to salty. Now pass it through a sieve once more and then season it with around 20 grams of coconut sugar and a proper amount of a nice balsamic vinegar. Give it a taste for seasoning and then keep it in your fridge for later.

The brioche bread

250 grams




4 grams

dry yeast

30 grams


7 grams


150 grams

short rib fat or butter

First transfer the flour on your worktop and make a well in the middle using the back of your bowl. Fill the well with the eggs, the dry yeast and th sugar. Now mix this till a dough has formed. Then add the salt and continue kneading the dough for around 15 minutes to active the gluten. And yes you can also do this in a machine. After that add the short rib fat or butter. Knead this till all the fat is incorporated. This takes around 5 to 10 minutes. Then use a dough scraper to form the dough into a nice ball and transfer it into a bowl. Cover it and then let it rest for at least 5 hours in your fridge. After that dust your worktop with flour and roll out the dough. Now portion it into pieces of 15 grams. Then take the balls and roll them very tight by forming a little bowl with your hand. Now transfer them into an oven ring or another mold that’s covered with some butter or oil spray and let them proof for 45 minutes till almost double in size. Meanwhile separate one egg and mix the yolk with 20 grams of milk. Brush a thin layer on your proved brioche and then season with flaky salt. Bake them at 190 degrees Celsius for around 15 minutes till golden. Once golden brush a thin layer of melted butter on top and let them cool down completely.

The caramelized shallots

First cut the root from a couple of thin shallots and then cut them in half. Now clean them. Then heat up a frying pan, add a splash of oil and caramelize the shallots on a medium heat till they start to color. Now add a drizzle of honey and let it caramelize till golden brown. Then add a splash of red wine vinegar and let it vaporize. Now take them out of the pan and keep them covered in your fridge for later.

The short rib crisp

60 grams

short rib trimmings

30 grams

egg white

2 grams


10 grams


Transfer the short rib trimmings in a blender together with the egg white and the salt. Now blend this till smooth. Then add the flour and blend it once more. Now spread it on a silicon sheet and bake it at 160 degrees Celsius till golden and crispy. Gently remove it when it’s still hot. Then keep it dry and covered for later.

The garden salad

For this I use a beautiful verity of homegrown leaves, shoots, and flowers. Just bind everything together with a piece of blanched chives and trim the bottom with a sharp knife. It's beautiful and trust me the flavor is incredible!

How to finish the dish

First remove the short rib from the container and peel the parchment paper of the meat. Then portion it to the desired size. Now heat up a frying pan, add a splash of oil and fry the short rib on both sides till nice and golden. Once golden add the balsamic glaze and base the short ribs for a minute or so. Meanwhile also heat up the shallots at 150 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. Season with flaky salt. Now lay two pieces on a plate and put the garden salad on top. Season it with a mix of 1 part of olive oil and 1 part of sushi vinegar. Place the crisp on top and then place the glazed shortrib on the side. And then I serve it with the delicious short rib brioche bread.


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