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Best foie dish ever! Goose liver cremeux with fermented blackberries

This has to be one of my favorite dishes so far. The hay gives such a deep flavor to the broth and that’s a great combination with the freshness of the fermented blackberry and beautiful foie flavor.

The fermented blackberries

80 grams


800 grams

frozen blackberries

1 liter

​unpasteurized yogurt

First pour the sugar onto the frozen blackberries. Now cover the bowl very tight with some plastic foil. Then transfer it on a double boiler for around 4 hours on a low heat. After that remove the plastic foil and pour it on a sieve that’s laid with a clean kitchen paper. Let this sit overnight in your fridge.

Meanwhile transfer the unpasteurized yogurt onto a sieve that’s laid with a clean kitchen paper. Also let this sit overnight in your fridge. The next day you can gently transfer the blackberries into a preserving jar. The clear blackberry broth you can freeze because we’ll need that later on. Now take the dripping liquid from the yoghurt. This is called whey. You’ll need 350 grams of whey and we’re going to add 35 grams of sugar. Mix this till all the sugar is dissolved. Once it has dissolved pour it onto the blackberries and gently mix it with a spoon. Make sure all your equipment is really clean, otherwise the blackberries will go bad very fast. Then remove the rubber from the preserving jar and close the lid. If you don’t remove the rubber tension will build within and it will explode. Then let this ferment in a spot with no direct sunlight at room temperature for around 7 days. Once there done they should taste really fresh and a bit sour. You can taste 1 every day to keep an eye on the process. Then remove the blackberries from the liquid. Now transfer the fermented blackberries into a blender and blender this for around 20 seconds. Then transfer it into a fine sieve and press it through using a ladle or a spatula. After that put it in a piping bag. They pipe it in your mold. I use a mold from Mold Brothers. Tap it a couple of times to remove any air bubbles and close it up with the top. Then fill them up completely. Tap the mold once more and when necessary, add some more fermented blackberries. Now let it set in your freezer. Once it’s set remove them from the mold and trim the top with a knife or a scissor.

The hay broth

80 grams

good quality of hay

0.5 liter


Transfer the hay into an oven dish and bake it at 160 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. When that’s done transfer it into a saucepan and add the water. Now bring this to a boil. Once it’s boiling turn of the heat and cover the top with some plastic foil. Then let it sit overnight in your fridge. The next day you can put it though a sieve that’s laid with a clean kitchen paper. Then pour 100 grams of the blackberry broth into a measuring jar and add 50 grams of the hey broth. Mix this well and then give it a little taste for seasoning. It should be fresh but deep with flavor. I don’t add salt, but you can if preferred.

The goose liver cremeux

2 leaves or 3.3 grams


250 grams


80 grams

egg yolk

5 grams


25 grams


140 grams

goose liver

First soak the gelatin in cold water. Now pour the cream into a saucepan and also add the egg yolk and the salt. Mix this really well and then cook it while stirring on a medium heat till it has thickened. Then turn of the heat and add the cognac. Mix this so that the mixture will cool down a bit and not overcook on the bottom. Then add your gelatin and the goose liver. Mix this with a hand blender till it’s completely smooth and emulsified. Then pour it through a fine sieve in a bowl. Once it has cooled down till it’s a room temperature pipe it in your mold and tap it a couple of times to remove any air bubbles. Then take the fermented blackberry and press it halfway in the cremeux. Now close it up and fill it completely with the cremeux. Again, gently tap it a couple times and when necessary, add some more foie cremeux. Then let it set in your freezer.

The jelly

270 grams

the clear blackberry broth

30 grams

white balsamic vinegar

2 grams


6 grams

kappa powder

Mix the clear blackberry broth with the white balsamic vinegar, the salt and the kappa powder. Mix this well and then bring it to a boil. Once it has boiled pour it into a glass or a jar. Then remove your foie cremeux from the mold and press a needle in the top. Now glaze it once in the jelly and then let it defrost on some plastic foil.

The garnish

I cut some nasturtium with a small round cutter, and I also cut some blackberries in 4.

How to finish the dish

First pipe a line of the fermented blackberries on a plate. Now put your defrosted cremeux on top. After that lay some of blackberries around the cremeux and decorate the top with the nasturtium leaves. And now finish it off with the blackberry hay broth.


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