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Almond praline

50 grams


150 grams


150 grams


100 grams

white chocolate

3 grams

flaky salt

Mix the water with the sugar and caramelize this on a medium heat till golden brown. Here I use the wet caramel technique to create a stronger flavor profile. A wet caramel will always be richer in flavor than a dry caramel. Once it’s golden brown add the almonds and keep on heating them for around 5 minutes. Also keep on stirring till both the nuts and caramel have a rich dark color. After that pour it on a silicon sheet and spread it. Now let it cool down completely. Once cold break it into smaller pieces and transfer it into a blender. Blend this till it’s a fine crumble and then add the white chocolate and the flaky salt. Now blend it till completely smooth. This takes at least 5 minutes. After that pour it into a bowl and keep it out of the fridge. Once it starts to cool down the praline starts to set as well. This makes it a perfect filling for bonbons or pastries.


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