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Sous-vide cod

First make an incision at the bottom of the loin and pull the skin tight. Now remove it together with any other bones or membranes. Then fold the thinner part to create an even sized loin. Now season it well with salt, turn it over and season the other side as well. Then take some thin foil and cover your worktop with two or three layers. I always make the surface a bit damp so the foil sticks. Now place the cod at the bottom and roll it up as tight as possible. You should already feel the tension. Then make a knot of one side and use the other side to make the roll even tighter. Make a knot on that side as well and then trim both sides.

Now cook the cod sous-vide at 46 degrees Celsius for 23 minutes. You can do this in a sous-vide bath or in a steam oven. Once it’s cooked directly cool it down in a generous amount of ice water and let it set overnight in your fridge. Make sure it stays submerged in ice cubes for the best result. The next day you can feel it has firmed up nicely and then you can cut the cod into the desired thickness. This method is perfect for bigger parties and for busy restaurants. Now remove the foil and place the portioned cod on a tray. Then cover it and keep it in your fridge for later.

To heat up the cod cover them with foil and heat them up in an oven that’s 70 degrees Celsius for around 15 to 20 minutes.


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