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Runny passion fruit yolks


passion fruits (420 grams of juice)

60 grams



cinnamon stick


cardamom seeds

Xanthan gum

Cut a couple of passion fruits in half and scrape out the seeds and juice. Scrape them all empty on a sieve with a bowl underneath. Then use a ladle to press out all the juice. In total you’ll need 420 grams of juice. Once that’s done where going to balance out the sourness. For this add the sugar, the cinnamon stick and the cardamom seeds. Now mix it and then let it marinade for at least 3 hours. After that pass it through a fine sieve. Then measure 200 grams into a saucepan and keep it in your fridge for later. The remaining juice we’re going to thicken. For this add a touch of Xanthan gum and mix it for a minute or two. Once it has reached the desired thickness fill a sphere mold. Now let it freeze for 1 hour. After the hour stick a toothpick in every sphere and then freeze them till completely solid.

200 grams

passionfruit juice

50 grams

ginger syrup

3 grams

kappa powder

Now for the jelly. Mix the passionfruit juice we set aside before with the ginger syrup and the kappa powder. Then mix it well and while slowly stirring bring it to a boil. Once it has boiled turn down the heat to a minimum and remove the passionfruit balls from the mold. Dip them 2 times in the jelly and then gently remove the toothpick. Now let them defrost in your fridge with the toothpick hole down.


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