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100 grams


200 grams


8 grams

baking soda

Pour the honey into a saucepan and also add the sugar. Then heat it up till it’s a light golden caramel. Meanwhile press a piece of parchment paper together and then unfold it. Now use it to cover the inside of a bowl. Once the caramel is done add the baking soda and quickly mix it for 4 seconds. Then directly pour it into the bowl and let it souffle as much as possible. Beware that the honeycomb might overflood, so make sure the bowl is big enough. Now place the bowl in a cool place and let the honeycomb cool down completely. After that remove the parchment paper and use a serrated knife to portion it into big pieces. Keep them as big as possible till you’re going to serve the honeycomb. Now keep them dry and covered for later.


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