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Butternut squash buñuelo


butternut squash

2 branches


Olive oil

40 grams

vegetable broth

150 grams




3 grams


120 grams


First remove the seeds from the butternut squash and make incisions in the meat. Now drizzle olive oil on the flat side and add the leaves from the thyme. Then place the flat side on a tray that's covered with a silicon sheet and bake it at 180 degrees Celsius for 1 hour. After that scrape the cooked meat out of the squash and measure 80 grams into a measuring jar. Then add the vegetable broth, the milk, the egg and the salt. Now blend it till smooth for a minute or two. Then add the flour and blend it for another 30 seconds and then let it rest for 30 minutes in your fridge. Meanwhile heat up some frying oil till it’s 180 degrees Celsius together with the buñuelo stamp. Then gently press the stamp in the batter for 5 seconds. After fry it for around 20 seconds till the batter let’s go of the stamp. Then deep fry it till golden brown. Meanwhile you can just continue deep frying the buñuelos. Just beware that the stamp stays hot. Otherwise the batter will stick. If the buñuelo let’s go of the mold while dipping it in the batter, it means that the oil is to hot. 180 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature. Once golden take them out of the oil and keep them dry and covered.


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